Staying at Klangen

At Klangen in Uppsala, we let rooms with the use of kitchen, bathroom/ laundry, or appartment. The rented room and the shared areas are cleaned and taken care of by the tenants themselves. All the rooms are furnished with beds, desks and warderobes and the kitchen contains refrigerators, freezers and all necessary tools for cooking.  

Mobile internet and tv connection in the kitchen/livingroom is available.

Prices run from 3800 SKR per month and up depending on the lenght of the stay, the size of the room and the amount of persons renting the room.

The price includes water, heating, electricity, internet and use of the shared areas.

There is an addition of 1200SKR per month and extra person renting the room.

Deposit: 3500 SKR.

Room size                   Price for one person/room per month at different  terms of lease

                                       6 months       2-5 months   per week          

1 bed                            3800/m           4100/m          1150/w

1-5 beds                       4400/m           4500/m          1250/w